Veterinary Compounding

The Best Drug Delivery System Options For Patient & Veterinarian!

Preparation of specialized compounds requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies, however, integrating compounded medications into a veterinary practice requires no investment and has the potential for great dividends.  Simply contact us and express the desire to use our facility to fill your compounded prescription needs. Our “State Of The Art” compounding laboratory is filled with the necessary compounding equipment to accomplish many needs and our compounding technicians have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques.  We are proud of the level of expertise of our staff and eager to enable you, as an animal care-giver, to take advantage of the added dimension we have to offer.  Please give us a call, or better yet, stop by and let us show you what we have to offer!


We know that Fido and Tabby are more than just pets;  they are members of the family.  When they need medications, we can minimize the potential trauma for your clients and their pets by compounding the needed medication into a form their pet will more easily accept, and like many pet owners, they’ll be excited about the pet-pleasing options available.

Our goal is to assist the veterinarian in improving compliance and quality of life for their patients and clients.  Both small and large animal veterinarians use our services for everything from the family pets to horses to exotics, and the most rewarding part of our job is creating solutions.

Why use Drug Compounding?

  • Veterinarians just can’t get everything they need off the shelf.  Cats, for example are notoriously finicky, and that goes for taking medicine as well.  Many commercially available medications aren’t flavored for veterinary use, or available in strengths needed for small animals or birds, so pet owners need an alternative, such as tuna fish flavored medication.  In some cases, special gel has to be applied to deliver the medication.

  • Compounded medications are easier to use and actually save veterinarians and animal specialists time, money and a lot of frustration.

  • Farmers, ranchers and pet owners get healthier animals because the animals are taking proper doses at the proper times for the best treatment results.

  • We can compound dosage forms in various ways to suit specific animal needs, from oral liquids to rectal suppositories, to transdermal gels to dusting powders.

  • Our staff can combine the prescribed medication with the most likely desirable flavor for a particular animal.

  • We can compound any dosage or concentration necessary to fit a specific need, enabling you to administer the exact dosage necessary instead of settling for what is commercially available.

  • Our staff can compound prescriptions that are preservative-free or dye-free, or use alternative “fillers”, eliminating potential allergens.

  • If an animal has sugar intolerance, we can compound syrups with non-caloric sweeteners, aiding in blood glucose control.

  • We can generally custom-compound a discontinued or unavailable medication, enabling otherwise limited treatment options.

Call us today for all of your Veterinary Pharmaceutical Compounding needs!